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Eritra Int’l

Eritra International is a small medium enterprise (SME) which has been following a very unique and different business strategy in recruiting students. It believes that the students only can depend on Eritra International once they will be recommended by those who have obtained their study permit successfully through the professional assistance of us. Therefore, we only recruit students through recommendation and online promotion rather than promoting itself through printing media. We search the top ranked institutes on regular basis, go for mutual agreement once all the things are found comfortable for Bangladeshi students and finally, make a bridge between our partner institutes as well as the Bangladeshi students.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment that fosters connection, prosperity, and meaning for all. Serve as our client’s trusted, indispensable partner for scalling, growing, resourcing, navigating and accelerating in today’s rapidly evoling business environment. Eritra International wants to be the leading educational consultancy firm in Bangladesh for providing the best service to the real learners from Bangladesh territory who are hanker after for their higher education in abroad. Our experience, professionalism as well as commitment may positively help you in reaching your goal.

Our Vision

Our Value

We create the life changing opportunity for the Bangladeshi potential students to develop their professional career by having education from the worldwide higher educational institutes.

Our Core Values are at the heart of our business. The students define who we are, how do we work and guide the real learners, how we do act with each other and with other stakeholders

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