About Us


  • Creating public awareness for real education and knowledge.
  • Demotivating the Bangladeshi people in human trafficking.
  • Creating awareness not to pay tuition fees in cash to anyone whatever after or before visa.
  • Creating a skilled workforce to meet the demand of the modern world.
  • Transforming lives into reality for the enlightening world.
  • Motivating people to realize the real value of life.
  • Working for the career development of the potential Bangladeshi students.
  • Contributing in the economy of Bangladesh by earning foreign remittance.


Eritra International wants to be the leading educational consultancy firm in Bangladesh for providing the best service to the real learners from Bangladesh territory who are hanker after for their higher education in abroad.


Eritra International is a small medium enterprise (SME) which has been following a very unique and different business strategy in recruiting students. It believes that the students only can depend on Eritra International once they will be recommended by those who have obtained their study permit successfully through the professional assistance of us. Therefore, we only recruit students through recommendation and online promotion rather than promoting itself through printing media. We search the top ranked institutes on regular basis, go for mutual agreement once all the things are found comfortable for Bangladeshi students and finally, make a bridge between our partner institutes as well as the Bangladeshi students.

Our Core Value

We create the life changing opportunity for the Bangladeshi potential students to develop their professional career by having education from the worldwide higher educational institutes.

Our Core Values are at the heart of our business. The students define who we are, how do we work and guide the real learners, how we do act with each other and with other stakeholders.


We build relationships through trustworthiness, honesty, sincerity, transparency as well as respect.

Continuous Update

To provide the best service, we continuously update our databases and keep up with current Migration Laws and regulations.

Passion & Pride

We love what we do and strive for the excellence.


We are caring for our valued students and foreign institutes as we put them and their challenges in the heart of everything we do.


Eritra International is a team. We treat each of our staffs with trust and respect. Teamwork and cooperation is essential in all activities within our company.


Work always needs to be fun. We endeavor to bring fun into our daily environment whenever possible.

Oh!! And we believe that a SMILE can go a long way and also mean a lot without saying anything.

Why Eritra International?

  • Eritra International is a well-known consultancy firm in Bangladesh working for the real learners since the year 2007.
  • Its vast experience during the past years and career based counseling may positively change your career.
  • Eritra International is committed, transparent, trustworthy, dedicated and this is why, it does not work without signing the official mutual agreement with its honorable clients.
  • Eritra International is well concerned about the future of the students, therefore it goes for the beneficiary agreements with the top ranked Higher Educational Institutes (HEI) only.
  • Eritra International does not work with non-potential students, does not believe in human trafficking, does not accept any file without IELTS and also does not go for so called package.
  • Eritra International has a strong and well trained recruitment team for providing you the best service ever and they will undoubtedly reach you within the shortest period of time against any of your query over phone or mail.
  • You can work with Eritra International in a friendly environment during your entire working period with us.

If you are not satisfied yet, you can have a face to face discussion with the CEO of the company. A prior appointment is required before visiting our office. For scheduling an appointment, please make a call over +880 173 810 8040 or drop your request to eritraintl@gmail.com. Our aim is to make you satisfied end of the day through our professional and dedicated service.

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