Corporate Social Responsibility

Our priority areas exist to guide our corporate giving and further establish us as a socially responsible international brand through the following areas. We remains engaged with different Charitable giving, volunteering in the education community that benefit the students, under different program.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been ingrained in our company’s basic principles ever since Eritra International was founded more than 16 years ago. The organization understands that for a corporation like ours to achieve worldwide objectives and excellence, dynamic and reforming employment regulations and maintenance of conventionalities, notably in the educational sector, are important.

Regarding economic effectiveness and legal compliances, Eritra International is a true and authentic Bangladeshi-owned business that operates in accordance with market obligations. All levels of hierarchy adhere to fair business practices, but this is especially true when it comes to prospective clients, pupils, and clients who have already benefited from our services by giving them enough sensitive advice. We have always been unrivaled and unwavering in our dedication to upholding confidentiality and not sharing information with unauthorized parties while dealing with difficulties or emergencies for students seeking our assistance.


We may be aware that workplace discrimination is a major issue for a variety of organizations, but we have made sure to uphold strict prohibitions on labor practices that are necessary for providing areas like adequate employment benefits and compensation, provision of a strong work-life balance, as well as a wealth of opportunities for self-growth and literacy. Additionally, Eritra International supports corporate governance with the highest level of accountability and transparency by delivering fair data and numbers to its stakeholders both locally and globally.

Over the years, our firm has been closely involved in a number of social initiatives, such as corporate volunteering and support for youth development and empowerment.

Our main objective is to promote juvenile mental health by supporting athletic and cultural events. In terms of contributions, running an orphan care center is one of our most fulfilling initiatives.

We Support


We place a strong emphasis on education and aim to support education at all levels. We will assist students through scholarships and grants to assist with tuition fees and other educational-related costs. Where appropriate we will assist in the purchase of school books, uniforms and assist with transport costs for students to and from school in certain cases.s


We will donate to promote health education and donate equipment and supplies to a variety of health institutions. We will also focus on the health research and health challenges that impact our operating territories.

Community & Youth Development

Supporting children and young people is one of our core business areas. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of young people through focused donations, programmes, projects and initiatives.

We aim to support positive outcomes for young people to enable them to thrive and reach their fullest potential.


Having good meals during the day is a basic human right. We believe in supporting foodbanks to ensure people in our communities have the resources they need to feed themselves and their families.


We aim to support the development of sport through sponsorship of various sporting activities particularly those that feature youth. We aim to provide sponsorship of sports teams and help in the purchase of kit and equipment where needed.

Community Mental Health & Counselling Services

We support counselling and mental health services for vulnerable people. Our donations are targeted to registered charities who provide counselling and mental health support to people within the communities in which we operate.


In summarizing, it can be said that Eritra International has been a success from the beginning and has continued to do so while successfully incorporating Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) pursuits in both internal and external areas of responsibility at the same time.

Eritra International has taken small steps in multiple fronts for the greater good. These include:

  • Financial contributions to charitable organizations and initiatives.
  • Providing pro bono training and consultancy services to social welfare organizations, academic institutions and non-profit bodies.
  • Delivering talks on tourism’s responsibility towards achieving environmental, economic and social sustainability.
  • Supporting CSR projects and initiatives through partnerships and collaborations.
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