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Sweden at a Glance

 Official Name : Sweden
 Capital : Stockholm
 Official Language : Swedish
 Name of Prime Minister : Stefan Lofven
 Area : 450,295 km2
 Population : 10,902,384
 Currency : Swedish Krona (SEK)
 Total GDP : $ 563 Billion
 Dialing Code : +49

Why Study in Sweden

Sweden has a long and proud history of academic excellence and despite its relatively small population, it is the home to some of the world’s best universities. It is a Scandinavian country that is located in the Northern part of Europe, between Norway and Finland. It is a member of the European Union, and is number three in terms of size. The capital of the country is Stockholm.

The entire Swedish higher education system is ranked as one of the best in the world, and several Swedish universities are ranked by the Times Higher Education and the Academic Ranking of World Universities as being among the world’s best. Swedish universities are well-adapted to the needs of international students, and Sweden consistently ranks in the top three in the world for English proficiency. That means you don’t have to speak any Swedish to study here. You’ll be able to use English with everyone you meet, from the classroom to the city center.

Swedish master’s degree program offers unique opportunities for international students which is the combination of theory and practice. Many programs in Sweden include internships, even it works closely with the industry, which are a great way to get real-world experience while you build your professional network.

Sweden is green, creative, equal and Swedish society is known for its inclusiveness and equality. In Sweden, you are encouraged to think independently, creatively and critically, where everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and opinions. Sweden’s status as a leader in innovation and a home of trendsetters and early adopters and it’s a home of Nobel Prize.

Sweden has numerous large multinational organizations that are in the forefront of the world when it comes to innovation and technology. Not sure if you have ever purchased items or used services from a Swedish company? Ericson, Volvo, Scania, H&M (Clothing Companya) and so on are some of the most well-known companies that you will find around the world, but are based or were started in Sweden.


As an international student in Sweden, you’re allowed to work alongside your studies – there’s no official limitation for how many hours you can work. However, it’s important to keep your studies as your first priority – even when you don’t have many classroom hours, you’re expected to spend the equivalent of a 40-hour work week reading and working on assignments. Most universities have careers services that can help you with finding a part-time job during your studies. Many also offer services like employer fairs, CV checks and special events with companies.

Popular Swedish Universities:

  • University of Skovde
  • Stockholm University
  • Uppsala University
  • University West
  • University of Gothenburg
  • Halmstad University
  • Lund University
  • University of Boras
  • TH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • University of Gävle
  • Malmö University
  • Umeå University
  • Karolinska Institute
  • Linnaeus University

Study cost in Swedish Universities:

Sl No.Name of the CourseCost in SEK / Semester
01Pathways Program40,000 - 45,000
02Bachelor Program35,000 - 70,000
03Master Program35,000 - 100,000

Additional Cost

First of all students need to pay tuition fees to the account of the university in order to apply for Swedish Residence Permit. Usually most of the universities require 1st semester of tuition fees in advance. Beside these students need to pay application fee 900 SEK & 1000 SEK for Residence Permit Application. If you have dependents, undoubtedly, you have to make payment of application fee 1000 SEK for adult and 500 SEK for child.

Living Cost in Sweden

Sl No.CategoryCost in SEK / Year

Our service at a glance:

1. Get a professional advice:

Our experienced counselors will guide you for choosing the right way to follow in respect of university and also subject considering your previous track of study and result.

2. Pick a University and Subject:

Choose the right university from our partner universities in Sweden where your desired subject is available.

3. Accept Conditional Offer Letter (CoL):

Accept the Selection Result as well as Tuition Fees Invoice and pay the required tuition fees of the university through the banking channel only.

4. Submit Your Application for Study Permit Visa:

Gather all the required documents according to the advice of our experts and our application manager will submit your online application along with the necessary documents to the Swedish Migration Agency, Sweden.

5. Obtain Your Study Permit Visa

You may require to attend the Swedish Embassy in Bangladesh for an interview session and receive the Study Permit Visa from the Swedish Embassy, Bangladesh.

6. Get Ready to Take Off:

Have a pre- departure briefing from Eritra International and take off to your destination. Wish you all the very best for your upcoming future. Our professional advice may positively change your career.

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