Tahmina Akter Labu


Tahmina Akter Labu

Tahmina Akter Labu is a highly skilled and experienced Business Development Manager of Eritra International in Dhaka, Bangladesh with a proven track record of providing exceptional education consultancy services. Also, she is an enriched and skilled professional who possesses the characteristics of an intellect. She has an indisputable track record in the education sector and has been providing her proficiency in the industry since 2015. Thus, Mrs. Tahmina immense contribution and expertise is an essential element that upholds the operations of Eritra International. With a MBS from Noakhali Govt. College under the National University, Bangladesh Tahmina has a strong educational background in both business.

Tahmina completed a several relevant training programs including the Certified Business Development Manager, Project Management Professional, and Sales Management, among others, further validates her expertise. Her extensive travels to countries like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Bhutan, Thailand, and others to attend education workshops and fairs, gaining a deep understanding of the latest developments in the education sector.

As a Business Development Manager, Tahmina plays a crucial role in the success of Eritra International. She provides expert guidance and support throughout their business development and increasing share value, ensuring a smooth and streamlined experience. Tahmina is also responsible for managing the company’s online presence, including the website, blog, and various social media platforms, keeping the clients informed and engaged.

Tahmina’s exceptional communication skills, friendly and approachable nature, and commitment to helping students achieve their study abroad goals make her an excellent BDM. She is always available to answer questions and provide timely and accurate responses via phone and WhatsApp, making the entire process easy and stress-free for clients. Tahmina’s dedication and commitment to providing high-quality services have earned him a loyal following of satisfied clients who trust him with their study abroad dreams.

In summary, Tahmina’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the education sector, combined with her exceptional online research skills, creative ideas, and approachable nature, make her an invaluable asset to Eritra International and anyone seeking guidance in studying abroad.

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